Today’s business environment stretches the limit of most businesses.  Technology changes fast, new services are created at a faster pace than ever before.  Even cell phone technology is expanding from normal size phones to tablets to now even wrist watches!  How can anyone keep pace?  Large corporations have the luxury of having Information and Technology departments with their own Chief’s running these divisions.  These Chief’s keep the CEO, Board of Directors and Owners up to date and make recommendations throughout the year on how to best utilize emerging technologies to assist the business direction.  

CITO stands for:

CITO onDemand will be your Chief Information & Technology Officer - on Demand, as you need us.  We offer a variety of services to assist you in managing everything from hardware infrastructure, application integration, database design and implementation, upgrade plans and Fall Planning and Forecasting.   

Geek Speak 101:

What is a CITO?

- Chief

- Information

- Technology

- Officer