Application Integration:

Application Integration can take many forms.  Do you have a web site?  Silly question, just about everyone these days does have one (if you don’t, skip over to our Web Design page!).  Do you have a need or desire to build a mailing list?  This would enable integrating your web site with a mass mailer program.  Does your back-end office computer use products like Quickbooks, Inventory Control system or Exchange?  If it doesn’t why not?  If it does, are you getting maximum benefit from it?

We can help you get maximum benefit by designing an integration plan.  This might enable your service staff or customers to know at a moments notice whether or not a product is in stock.  If your business is service related, wouldn’t it be advantageous for your service personnel to be able to perform a lookup from available inventory to see if the part or product is available?  Customer satisfaction is one sure fire way to build loyalty and one way to increase satisfaction is being able to address issues NOW rather than later.  We can assist with this!

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