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“Encrypted Database Software”

Let me take you back to 1997. Personal computers and the internet were starting to work their way into more and more households.  E-mail was in its infancy and it was the only way people could communicate on a personal basis back and forth on the internet.  Lots of people wanted things coming to their e-mail box on a regular basis such as jokes, quotes, bible-verses, advice, free-stuff, sweepstakes and recipes. I was involved in a start-up internet business when there was no such thing as a start-up internet business. We were crazy people that thought we could build websites and send out information and guess what? After many sleepless nights and round the clock days, we started developing e-mail lists. We had to host these lists with a third party and had no way to protect the lists.

The lists grew and grew…and grew and grew-

Fast forward 2000-

What started in our dining room, was now a full on prosperous internet business with over 250,000 subscribers and 33 web-sites.  Life was good…and then, we got hacked. Our lists were compromised at the hosting site and 250,000 people across the world got spammed because of our lists. Game over. In one night, what took 4 years to build was ruined by some HACKER.  We were literally wiped out all because of a data breach.  It was devastating-but my motto has always been, live and learn and always look for a way to solve the problem.

Fast forward to 2015-

After years away from any serious internet activity and too many rounds of golf under my belt, the chance to start an internet business again presented itself. This time, our business would be geared more towards helping other business people navigate their IT needs. Between me and my partner, we’ve got 57 years’ experience. What? Yes, that’s right. My partner has been around computers since they filled up entire rooms…He was an early innovator of bridging databases.  He wrote code before it was called code. He’s watched and worked every step of the way with every product out there when it comes to storing information and he understands the dangers that hackers present to all data collected in any electronic form. Yet, the need for storing data has never been greater to be competitive in the world’s new retail environment. He has set up storage bases for many Government Agencies, States and Fortune 500 Companies. In fact, he worked for one of the biggest Fortune 500 Companies in IT Development for 37 years.  Needless to say, his understanding of databases far surpasses anything I could ever comprehend!

 We started asking ourselves the big question of what it would really take to secure data in a database from HACKERS.  Sure, we need outside firewalls, but every time there is any type of update, the data is actually open to a breach, so no matter how many ways you protect the outside of the box, eventually the HACKERS will find their way in.  So what makes them want to give up on the process and go on to try and steal, kill and destroy people in some other way? Give them “Encrypted Data” that is not worth their time or effort to steal. Encrypt the numbers, and vital information from anyone outside the authorized user and you eliminate desire to pillage the information.  So my partner, with all his knowledge of databases, codes, IT infrastructure and end user needs, developed a new software product that we now call “CITOCRYPT”. His code encrypts the data in the database from anyone but authorized users. It can be set up on different levels with different columns of data left open from encryption, or fully encrypted depending on the user preference settings. It has layers of access available so that different levels of management can have access to level appropriate access.  Exactly how it works, well, if we told you that, then it wouldn’t be very secure would it!

Fast forward to Spring 2016

“CITOCRYPT” is now available for sale and download online at  

This code has been tested and tried through a vast development process of over millions of trials. It is compatible with different operating systems and can be implemented with relative ease. DBA’s will find the versatility that the code offers a vast change from past “Encrypted Code” products. This is a truly cutting edge product that should help alleviate the threat of database breach lawsuits going forward.

For further questions related to investing or partnering with our company, please contact us via

So that’s our story of how “CITOCRYPT” came to be…give us a chance to protect your business so that HACKERS don’t destroy your bottom line!


Cyndi Lohmoeller