CITO onDemand, LLC

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From GameR Geek’s to Professional Office Suites

No Technical Difficulties Here!

We are proud partners with DELL Corp since January, 2016.  

CITO onDemand, LLC is a registered Partner Direct with DELL Corp!


After a lot of research, we decided to use DELL products in our office, development and test environment.  You simply can’t beat their product line and prices!  The competition just wilts in comparison!  From laptops to desktops to servers, we have what you need!  Give Cyndi a call or send an email!

CITO & Dell -- Dual Monitors really can boost productivity

Dual monitor’s are almost a must in our line of work.  You might want to consider this option as well.

From desktop to network to laptop, we will help you get the right equipment to do the job!  

Contact Cyndi to schedule an appointment.

Financing Plans Available through Dell!

CITO & Dell -- XPS Series of computers - Desktops and Laptops to boost productivity

The XPS Series of desktops offer a wide variety of CPU, Disk and Memory options. Most of the software we use has high memory and cpu requirements and our 8x00’s just blaze along!

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