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CITO onDemand offers a variety of services.  These services include but are not limited to the following:

CITO onDemand offers annual contracts with monthly billing!

We will help you put the pieces together!

Application Integration:

Application Integration can take many forms.  Do you have a web site?  Silly question, just about everyone these days does have one (if you don’t, skip over to our Web Design page!).  Do you have a need or desire to build a mailing list?  This would enable integrating your web site with a mass mailer program.  Does your back-end office computer use products like Quickbooks, Inventory Control system or Exchange?  If it doesn’t why not?  If it does, are you getting maximum benefit from it?

We can help you get maximum benefit by designing an integration plan.  This might enable your service staff or customers to know at a moments notice whether or not a product is in stock.  If your business is service related, wouldn’t it be advantageous for your service personnel to be able to perform a lookup from available inventory to see if the part or product is available?  Customer satisfaction is one sure fire way to build loyalty and one way to increase satisfaction is being able to address issues NOW rather than later.  We can assist with this!

Fall Planning:

Every business does or should perform a “fall planning” session.  Doing this will ensure you have performed due diligence with regard to having adequate system resources, software upgrades and new software purchases in the budget with few surprises waiting for you.  In doing this, you can better manage your overall business function and schedule activities such as arranging financing, purchasing new equipment and software and hiring where needed.  Sufficient time should be allocated to allow for new or upgraded products to be in house, setup, tested and ready to roll-out in order to meet your stated business objectives.  Remember, failure to properly plan does not constitute an emergency situation!  We can work with you to determine that you have properly sized hardware, sufficient licenses for software and when needed, do the research to make sure both hardware and software selections will actually do what you want them to do.  In addition, we can also help build a reasonable project plan to assist in the roll-out.  See our Project Planning section for more details.

Project Management:

Project Management is an acquired skill.  It combines the usage of various tools and knowledge to build and execute a plan to move a project from point A to point B in the most safe and cost effective manner possible.  Project Plans help keep a project on time and within budget. Good project planners aren’t driven solely by the plan, they are adaptive and responsive to the ever changing dynamics in the real world.  Technical people have a tendency to have a loathing for project managers, viewing them as the enemy who only answers to the task items on the plan itself with little or no regard for the personnel executing the plan.

At CITO onDemand, we recognize that variables exist both known and unknown can impact the plan.  

Infrastructure Planning and Review:

As businesses grow, they’re computing needs will change over time.  Without direction, it is possible to have to many of the wrong computers or to few of the right ones.  What does this mean?  Well, when a business first started up, you might need a mail server and quickbooks server for the business back end.  Next, you add a web server just to advertise.  Next, you add some e-commerce items to the web.  Staff increases and new versions of quickbooks and exchange come out.  Did you upgrade your hardware to grow with the increased business and staffing?  Do you now have an inventory control system and point of sale?  Are they on shared hardware or each on a dedicated server?  Would you be better served with two single large servers housing each application with a backup acting as a failover server?  Do you host your own web server or do you use a hosting site?  What is your connectivity like?  Each piece of software typically comes with recommendations of the hardware it should have to perform at an adequate level.  Often times though, if you mix software, you can run into performance issues.  A review of existing environment should take place whenever you are planning a business expansion, hiring spurt or hardware and software upgrades.  Time, money and economy of scale can help assure you are getting the most out of your available resources.

Performance Reviews:

Does your business computing slow down at various times of the day, just when you are at the busiest?  Isn’t this when you’d like to see the best performance, when you’ve got the most customers?  Performance monitoring can be setup on your servers to capture bottlenecks in memory consumption, network traffic, cpu or processor constraints.  With this information, we’ll be able to make recommendations for future upgrades eliminating a lot of guesswork.  

Network Mapping:

We can also map your network.  What does this mean?  With some of the software we have available, we can capture the computers and devices attached to your network.  From this data, we can create a network map with the IP addresses, ports and device information on your local network.  This will allow us to determine if the bandwidth available can handle the network load.  If using Wi-Fi, we can ensure that the Wi-Fi appliance has sufficient resources to handle the immediate and future loads required for today’s infrastructure.  Ask about “Nmap”!

Server Discovery:

Using in-house developed tools, we can scan your servers to verify what hardware is present, what software is in use and neighboring computers.  Not only do we capture this information, we also determine what versions of software is present and what types of hardware is present.  This can give us an accurate picture of where potential bottlenecks can occur.  It will also show us if the hardware currently installed is the right fit for the software being executed on the server and at the loads it is being used under.  This is a minimally invasive procedure and should be executed by an Administrative userid.  Ask about “cito-discover”!

Load Monitoring:

With our partnership with Dell, we now have tools we can install to run over the course of several days to further drill deeper into your infrastructure to see if there are occasional load or stress points where you are experiencing degraded service.  Armed with this information, we can assist you in determining if the degraded service is worth investing more capital towards new hardware or simply a need to shift workload around to a different schedule or server.  Ask about “Dpack”!

Backup Verification and Management:

You setup and establish backups for your computers.  Did they execute as planned?  Were the backups actually usable?  Did the backup create a list of files not backed due to being in an open state?  Database products, word processing and spreadsheet output products can be missed since they are often left open.  Missing one night’s backup can be overlooked but two or more in succession could be disastrous!  Depending on the backup mechanisms used, we can likely help put in place tools to alert you to problematic conditions.

Managed Operations:


Vendor Management:

What is managed operations or vendor management?  Quite simply, we take over managing all of your IT needs.  We will schedule and coordinate any upgrade activities to software, hosting site and hardware.  You have a single budget line item to deal with and the rest is up to us.  

This is a special bid item and would require a minimum of a 12 month contractual commitment.  


What is encryption anyway?  Simply put, it is a means of scrambling data so it is unreadable to normal human beings.  Computers with heuristic algorithm’s and a lot of “smarts” with a lot of time and CPU cycle’s might be able to figure out what you have but they have to decide if it is worth the trouble.  Here’s an example of text we would encrypt and what it would like encrypted and then reversed.


Databases are typically a location where data from multiple sources are placed.  By doing this and employing the SQL command language, a number of reports can be generated that provide deeper insight into how your business is performing.  It can highlight high’s, low’s and area’s where more focus needs to be placed.  

We offer full database support:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Support
  • Integration
  • Encryption

That last bullet is likely the most crucial to many operations and businesses.  We have developed a proprietary encryption method that will allow you to have multiple levels of protection!

With databases, dissimilar applications can share information allowing you to focus on running the business.  You and your staff can be more productive which can lead to business growth and strength.[  ]lomiller:

 > /home/lomiller/register


Encrypting data is taking that which is human readable like:

and making it totally unrecognizable like this:


So Command:      citocrypt -e cito

Produces:        ?Ces44zlU773Uc5cYdIBDJWCgP322.U@nS*WJs6?69US-@9U%W6-[

And to reverse it:

Command:         citocrypt -d cito ?Ces44zlU773Uc5cYdIBDJWCgP322.U@nS*WJs6?69US-@9U%W6-[

Produces:[  ]lomiller:

 > /home/lomiller/register

In the example to the left, citocrypt is the cryptography program developed by CITO onDemand, LLC.  The -e and -d tell the program to encrypt or decrypt respectively.  The cito prefixing the input used in the example is the locking key chosen for this example.  A key is required and the same key must be used to both lock and unlock the encrypted string of data!  

In databases we setup and manage, select data fields such as email id’s, addresses and other select fields are encrypted by default so they remain protected from the public domain.