If “Ashley Madison” had installed CITOCRYPT, the privacy of their user’s would still be intact.

     All of us with clients know the value of confidentiality in this electronic world we now do business. One breach, one hack, and boom….the business you’ve worked so hard to build is deeply impacted.

     We’ve come up with  a solution here at CITO onDemand. Our new software, CITOCRYPT, will keep the information in your database encrypted so that even if your system is “hacked”, the hackers will not be able to decipher the information that they have.  The only people that have access to your customer’s information is you-as it should be!

Just like a lock on the door…it’s not fancy,but it’s a crucial need in today’s business world.

CITOCRYPT is the lock on your Database’s door.

CITO onDemand, LLC -- Example of citocrypt in action from the command line --

Below, you can see the “dave@cito-ondemand.com” is encrypted to the public


Encrypted Database Software

“Locking your Data From Hackers Everywhere!”

“Data Breaches Exposed 707 Million Records During 2015”

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$500.00 US per Server

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