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Video’s, Advertisements, Commercials —  We all need them but hate to do them.  Costs can be enormous, moody actor’s and actresses, script writing and IMPACT can be daunting items.

At CITO onDemand, we’ve taken things up a notch!  Years of experience selling idea’s in both the commercial and corporate world, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what gets people’s attention.  

Our fee’s aren’t outlandish.  We start at $150 for a 30 second basic video, completely custom edited for your purposes.  Our video’s are done in HD format, we can provide soundtracks, in-video overlays, references to web sites and social media pages.  We’d prefer to use business owners or employee’s for facial recognition, but we’re negotiable on that as well. We can export the video in multiple formats including those acceptable for most TV outlet’s.

From targeted Ad’s, generalized commercials to instructional and how-to video’s, we can deliver at an affordable price just what you need!

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When doing a video, you have to decide what you want to get across to your viewers.  This is the script.  The storyboard is a quick layout or how you want to present it. Then create slides, choose photo’s, shoot video or a combination of all of them.  Music is a personal choice but should relfect the type of message you send out.  Lastly, a ton of patience and good software to perform the editing is a must!

What story do you want to tell today?

How we did it

  1. Developed the script
  2. Created the storyboard
  3. Chose the photo’s
  4. Select background music
  5. Performed the camera work.
  6. Edited into a 90 second spot!

How we did it

  1. Developed the script
  2. Created the storyboard
  3. Created the slides
  4. Select background music
  5. Did voice overs
  6. Edited into an ~90 second spot!
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