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Is your business on the Web?  Facebook?  LinkedIN?  Google+?  

What are your SEO scores?  Does a lot of this sound like Greek?

Okay, okay, yeah, it can be a daunting process.  A lot of places offer to set you up with a domain (?), hosting and even help you build a site with their software. So who needs us? Well, most likely you! You’ve got a business to run and if your site has more than two or three pages, getting the info together, organized and online can be quite a task. Then making look good is even harder!

Everyone is using the web, from the youngest to the oldest. Most people use the web to find out info about where they’re going to buy. The word “Google” once wasn’t even a real word. Then it became a noun and now it is both a noun and verb! When you want to know something, simply Google it! When your type of work is Google’d, do you pop up at the top of the list? Are you linked to Facebook where a whole bunch of people hang out? Check out our Social Media page here for more on that topic and what we can do for you there!

We’ll help you get found in searches. We’ll work with you to design and create a feature rich web site. Blogs, Feedback pages, Maps, Videos, Photos, e-Commerce, we can deliver for you. We also offer database services with or without encrypted entries (see Database)

Have an outdated site just needing to be spruced up? We can do that too!

It’s time for your web site to work for you. If you can’t say:

  • All pages are complete
  • It helps my customers
  • It helps my business
  • It tells my story

It’s time to call us!

We’ll meet with you to:

  • Understand your Vision of your business
  • Understand how you want it presented to the world
  • Determine what →features← you desire
  • Desired timeframe to get online

Then we’ll put together a plan to get it all together for you. Once you approve, we’re off to the races!

AND IF You’re not looking for a new web designer but simply aren’t satisfied with your current SEO ranking or web support, we can take on an advisory role and aggressively help them get you to where you want to be!

You’re on the Web for a reason, let us help you get everything out of it that’s possible!  


CITO onDemand -- Developing Web Solutions for you!

CITO onDemand, LLC

Putting the pieces together!

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